“Discover The ‘Magical’ Powers of Reiki to Create Natural Harmony & Wellbeing In Your Life, Enjoy the Feeling Of Pure Relaxation & Balance and Embrace The Freedom Of Resetting In Our Fast-Paced Modern World”

Comprehensive Live Training Course with Hollywood’s Leading Reiki Master That Will Help You Channel Powerful Healing Energy to Transform Your Life & The Lives of Others.

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Join Hollywood’s Leading Reiki Master, Kelsey J Patel, For Comprehensive Live Training.
Reiki Healing is widely regarded as one of the fastest and most powerful ways to reset and restore balance in your life. Across the globe, more people are turning to this powerful complementary approach to restoring your natural balance of health and wellbeing. Guided by Renowned Reiki Master, Kelsey J Patel, who used Reiki to heal herself from crippling anxiety, intense back pain, and chronic sickness before following her calling to share these profound healing secrets with her private clients and now with you too. 
The Comprehensive Curriculum
Start your path towards self-healing by channeling the universal life force energy within you for REAL shifts of positive change, FAST.

Week 1:

The History of Reiki 

This session will take you from where it all began over 100 years ago, right up to the present day and using Reiki in the modern world. 

In Week 1, I’ll share with you:

  • ​Experience Reiki in your own hands
  • ​Legend of Dr. Mikao Usui - how you are tapping into the lineage directly, and connect with teachers before us
  •  How Reiki spread around the world
  • ​Famous fans of Reiki
  • The Reiki Principles
  • ​Practical example + sample Reiki experience for the class 


2PM - 3:30PM (EASTERN)

11AM - 12:30PM (PACIFIC)

1PM - 2:30PM (CENTRAL)

Week 2:

Energy Systems

In this session you'll learn how to connect to universal energy, giving you the power to heal yourself when, and where, you need it.  

In Week 2, I’ll share with you:

  • Energy Systems
  • ​Chakras
  • ​Meridians
  • Intuition


2PM - 3:30PM (EASTERN)

11AM - 12:30PM (PACIFIC)

1PM - 2:30PM (CENTRAL)

Week 3:

Preparing to Use Reiki

Addressing problems and illness by healing the underlying energy imbalance that could be causing the disease, but first you need to be in balance yourself. 

In Week 3, I’ll share with you:

  • ​Anatomy for Reiki
  • ​Why Reiki does not prescribe or diagnose and why that makes it so effective
  • ​The key steps you must take before you start
  • ​How to scan your body for energy imbalances


2PM - 3:30PM (EASTERN)

11AM - 12:30PM (PACIFIC)

1PM - 2:30PM (CENTRAL)

Week 4:

Reiki Self-Treatments

The act of healing yourself, or others, is so universal in its effect that it could help prevent dysfunctions in all areas of the body, not just the ones you're explicitly treating at the time.

In Week 4, I'll share with you:

  • ​Eliminate the stress and strain of modern life
  • Reiki to calm you and empower you
  • Finding your inner peace and energy center
  • ​Calling in your Reiki guides
  • The way to clarity, poise, and calm in the midst of any stressful situation


2PM - 3:30PM (EASTERN)

11AM - 12:30PM (PACIFIC)

1PM - 2:30PM (CENTRAL)

Week 5:

Preparing to Work with Others

Enjoy the reward of knowing that you're helping those who are in need of help and healing by sharing the gifts that you have been given using the power of Reiki.

In Week 5, I'll share with you:

  • ​Centering
  • Clearing
  • ​Extracting harmful energies
  • ​Infusing
  • ​Smoothing and raking the aura


2PM - 3:30PM (EASTERN)

11AM - 12:30PM (PACIFIC)

1PM - 2:30PM (CENTRAL)

Week 6:

How can you help?

Reiki is growing fast in popularity due to its highly effective, non-invasive approach to natural healing and as a result, Reiki is now available in some major hospitals. By practicing these proven self-healing methods from this session, you may be able to help or alleviate the following conditions. 

In Week 6, I'll share with you:

  • ​Alleviate emotional and psychological traumas
  • Remove the energetic elements that could be attaching itself to your psyche 
  • ​Removing pain
  • Removing anxiety
  • ​Removing negative emotions


2PM - 3:30PM (EASTERN)

11AM - 12:30PM (PACIFIC)

1PM - 2:30PM (CENTRAL)


"Learn How You Can Shift and Heal Your Own Energy with the Powers of the Universal Life Force Taught by a World-Renowned Reiki Master."
Reiki is one of the most powerful universal energy sources ever discovered.
For nearly a century, this closely guarded yet undeniable force has been harnessed by the spiritual elite and now, in this world-first, YOU TOO can learn how to utilize the PROVEN POWER of Reiki to help yourself and even serve high-paying clients.
This unique and comprehensive Reiki Masterclass is the perfect way to help you harness the power of the body’s natural healing energy forces to alleviate stress and anxiety, live a life of peace and harmony and even reduce physical aches and pains.
Have you ever wondered how some people appear to live with pure JOY, BALANCE and PEACE, regardless of the challenges they face?
What’s their secret? How can they make life look so easy?
The key to unlocking ease and success can be found by tapping into Reiki, a powerful Japanese method that aligns mind, body, and spirit.
Reiki even HEALS energy systems in the body by connecting and flowing with the universal life force.
With the powers of Reiki, YOU can OVERCOME stress, anxiety, burnout and even physical pain that is holding you back. 
With the skills and methods of world-renowned Reiki healer, Kelsey J Patel, you can start by harnessing this Universal Life Force Energy to live with greater ease and flow, abundance and harmony in your life.
In Japanese, Reiki means “God’s Wisdom or Higher Power” (Rei) and “Life Force Energy” (Ki), which is combined to cultivate a spiritually guided universal life force energy. 
The foundations of Reiki are based on PROVEN science... 
Quantum physicists have discovered that ALL physical atoms in our universe are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating, each one radiating its own unique energy signature. 
What this means is that when you look at a table, or your phone or computer right now, it appears totally solid, static and still…

BUT, in reality, all of the molecules that make up that object, or any object, are constantly moving and vibrating at great speed.

The same applies to humans, everyone is made up of a collection of minerals, lots of water and most importantly… energy. 

If you really want to observe yourself and find out what and who you REALLY are…. you are really a being of energy and vibration.
Therefore, having an awareness of your own vibrational energy is an essential part of living a happy, balanced and emotionally healthy life.

Inside this Reiki Masterclass, you’ll learn the proven principles of how to raise your own vibrational energy and EVEN channel that same energy to help heal yourself and others too.
You’ll join one of the world’s most sought-after Reiki Masters, Kelsey J Patel, in an exclusive live training series hosted on Facebook Live. 
This six-week exclusive program will guide you into the magical world of Reiki and help you experience the healing gifts like never before — so you can live with greater health, enlightenment and even purpose. 
Kelsey has received GLOWING praise from Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives, A-List Actors, and World-Famous Musicians for her ability to connect with ANYONE in a real, authentic, and INSPIRING way. 
Her mission is to help as many people as possible to understand and embrace their own natural gifts and healing abilities. With Kelsey’s help, you too can live to your highest potential.
You don’t have to live with the weight of the world holding you down. 
This Masterclass will guide you through unique rituals that promote the transfer and free passage of spiritual energy to the main energy points in your body, which will, in turn, send a flowing sense of relief that ripples out into every aspect of your life.
You'll also learn how to take control of your healing, guided by Kelsey’s years of experience and by practising her EXACT methods, so you too will be able to alleviate years of stress and struggle any time you or those around you need it…
Just imagine having the ability to tap into and restore the root source of your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing...
What would your life look like then?
The secret to unlocking a better life is much closer than you think. If only you knew how to take hold of the spiritual tools within, you could drive yourself towards a life with greater happiness. 
For centuries, those with the knowledge of Reiki have used this powerful universal life force energy to cleanse and wipe away their pain and anxiety. 
Like the gentle sweep of an ocean shore, all your troubles just wash away and leave nothing but PURE calm, radiant joy, and a deeper awareness of self.
This force is sleeping inside of you, and NOW it’s time to awaken your inner strengths and take charge of your life in a way you’ve never known possible!
Now, with Hollywood’s most sought-after Reiki coach, you too can discover the universal life force for yourself. 
After taking this course, you will be an UNSTOPPABLE spiritual source and be able to achieve your deepest desires and DREAMS and even find your path to abundance and success.
When you register for The Reiki Masterclass, you gain the freedom to access the hidden realms of a higher power and universal energy.
You’ll ALSO join an intimate community of like-minded people, all of whom are looking to improve their own lives. 
The doorway to deep transformational healing could be closer than you think. 
Can you imagine the freedom you would have if you released blockages in the chakras and really started to NOURISH your mind-body-spirit?
What would a THRIVING life look like for you? What would it FEEL like?
A life of freedom and abundance is more than achievable when you connect to your insightful self and awaken your true powers. 
Every element of your life will be touched by the light of a higher calling, whether it’s your career, your relationships, or your health. 
It’s never too late to rise above struggle and pain... 
You can experience yourself in an entirely new light, with FREEDOM and BALANCE
There’s a whole new world just waiting for you — and when you have the key that unlocks this new world, it will change your life forever. 
From high-profile CEOs to world-famous celebrities, Kelsey has guided some of the biggest names into a transformational journey of incredible healing, self-actualization, and a lifetime of boundless harmony. 
Now you can have access to Kelsey’s magical touch and the priceless insights she has gathered after years of experience — all packaged into this intensive training that develops Reiki mastery like never before. 
Reiki can be taught to anyone. Unlike other forms of spiritual and holistic healing, Reiki doesn’t depend on rare gifts or intuition. 
All you need is an open mind and spirit to receive the energetic powers and awaken what is already within you…
Whether you’re an absolute beginner or already an experienced Reiki Master, this course will accelerate your skills beyond what you can even imagine.
“My Reiki Masterclass will empower you through leading techniques in wellness and spiritual energy flow that activate and awaken your core sources for lightness, higher vibrations, healing, balance, purpose, and joy. I’ll guide your spiritual journey by combining my experiences as a person who has felt just like you and has helped herself and hundreds of others rise towards a better life.”
Kelsey’s Masterclass guides your soul, starting with Reiki attunement — the process of opening main energy points in the body to prepare your spirit to receive the healing touch of a higher power and universal force.
Kelsey is well-known as an uplifting teacher, skilled in guiding people through a step-by-step process that anyone can integrate into their lives.
Showing people how to access their personal gifts is a rare skill, BUT it’s within your reach when you choose to let Kelsey guide your spiritual journey. 
Kelsey will use her expert knowledge in ways that will only ever make you wonder why you never signed up sooner. 
In your newfound life, you’ll be equipped with proven tools and methodology that send you off with a life full of purpose, peace, and balance. 
This Masterclass is designed to teach Reiki novices and experts alike. 

You will gain powerful access to the spiritual world of Reiki healing. Kelsey will let you in on the professional secrets that change your life — which can only be discovered after years of experience with hundreds of clients. 
Kelsey has poured her life into healing and helping others. Now she wants to help you. 
The Reiki Masterclass teaches you everything from finding and connecting with your true self to channelling your natural energy to flow relief and healing into every point in your mental, physical, and spiritual body. 
You will have the chance to ask Kelsey your burning questions and receive tailored feedback in return each and every week. 
After completing Kelsey’s six-week intensive course: 
  • You will awaken the BRIGHT and POWERFUL energy that lies dormant within.
  • ​You will release the blockages that prevent calming energy from flowing and transforming every aspect of your life.
  • ​You will know what living in true freedom and actualization feels like.
Upon completing the Masterclass, your life’s path will be shifted forever. 
You’ll be set on a new direction towards growing light and wellness in every area imaginable. 
You’ll know how to be your own source of divine wisdom whenever you need it for the rest of your life.
What's Included Inside The Masterclass...

Live Training

Join Kelsey J Patel for Six Weeks of live training sessions, AND don’t forget the BONUS week 7.
You’ll discover your hidden world of Reiki powers, guided by the unparalleled experience of a genuine Reiki Master. You can ask questions directly to Kelsey as you learn, week by week, how to develop this ancient power within yourself.

LIVE Attunement

Kelsey will even share her gifts through a live reiki healing attunement: the Reiki process of transferring life force energy into chakras to open and cleanse energy systems. Her Reiki healing attunement will only be available during the live session in week 3. If you’d like to have the chance to raise your internal vibrations and energy by Kelsey Patel, all you have to do is show up for class each week, and you never know what kind of strength and power you can unlock.

Archived Video Training

You'll even have access to all the Live Training Sessions after they are complete so you can review, replay, and revisit at any point. You will have lifetime access to this archive through the Facebook platform.

No Fluff, Actionable Sessions

This is a hands-on, fully demonstrated, and explained format where you learn best by seeing, doing, and then unpacking as the masterclass moves through what really works. 

Q&A Sessions

Kelsey will also personally host several Q&A sessions with your group so you can ask the specific questions you’d like to have answered. 

Great Help & Support

You'll automatically become part of a community of like-minded people from across the whole spectrum of Spirituality and Alternative Medicine. And, of course, you’ll be able to share your experiences and develop your skills with your peers as your training unfolds.

About Your Coach, Kelsey J Patel...

Hollywood’s Spiritual Guide, Energy Healer, and Reiki Master. 
Kelsey J Patel is an experienced practitioner and teacher in both spiritual and movement healing practices. Her holistic approach to wellness, balance, and joy is welcomed as a refreshing breath into the lives of her clients.
As a multi-faceted entrepreneur and inspirational speaker, Kelsey has brightened souls and lifted spirits around the globe. From CEOs to A-list celebrities, Kelsey shares her magical touch and transforms lives from the inside out. Her ability to set into motion lasting positive changes in people’s lives has earned her a reputation as one of the world’s leading Reiki and spiritual experts. 
Her life’s purpose is to inspire people and give them the tools to connect with their highest self and live in a purposeful, playful, and balanced way. Every year, Kelsey shares her story and gifts as she leads numerous workshops, classes, and private spiritual coaching sessions. She is the founder of a one-stop-shop app for all things wellness, Pure Joy. Kelsey is an author of a life-transforming book, titled Burning Bright. And she is the creator and voice in her wellness meets spiritual podcast, Magik Vibes. 
Kelsey’s own journey has evolved from the pain, anxiety, burnout, and overwhelm felt daily in her demanding career working in the United States Senate, and then Fortune 500 companies. When she discovered how she could shift the direction of her life from chronic suffering into boundless healing, her life was changed forever. 
Kelsey is the expert on releasing stress and pressure by tapping into internal energetic sources that fuel hardships. She has shared her experiences at keynote addresses for organizations such as PayPal, Free People, Honey, Jenny Craig, Penn State University, Delta Airlines, Aerie, The Good Fest, SHAPE Body Shop, Goop Summit, The Den Meditation, Unplug Meditation, and many more. 
Her work has been featured in dozens of publications such as US Weekly, Harper’s Bazaar, GOOP, Bravo TV, The New York Times, Page Six, Reader’s Digest, Well + Good, MindBodyGreen, Angeleno Magazine and she has been a regular guest on dozens of high-profile podcasts.
Kelsey’s personal experiences make it easy to feel connected with her message. She channels deep connections with spirituality through her Reiki practice. Her power to heal is unmistakable, and now she wants to help you channel a deeper connection and find self-healing for yourself.
Join Kelsey J Patel’s Transformational Reiki Masterclass Today!


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