“Learn How to Harness the Healing Powers of Reiki For Yourself and Others by Becoming a Fully Certified Reiki Practitioner While Learning Everything You Need to Know to Build a Lucrative Reiki Practice
This Comprehensive and Even Life-Changing Course Will Give You an In-Depth Knowledge and Insightful Understanding of How to Harness the Powerful Practice of Reiki, Taught by Hollywood’s Leading Reiki Master, Kelsey J Patel.


  • Reiki I & II Certification
  • ​​Lifetime Membership to the Comprehensive Online Training
  • Certification from The Complementary Medical Association***
  • 120 CPD Points to Recognize Your Continuing Personal Development*
  • ​Exclusive Live Weekly Inner Circle Online Training and Support from Kelsey herself 
  • The details for 10 Prospective Clients actively looking for Reiki healing from you*
  • 2x Comprehensive Printed & Bound Training Manuals

Limited Availability

What’s Included In The Reiki Academy
Lifetime Access to Comprehensive Online Training
Join Hollywood’s go-to Reiki healer and Master Kelsey J Patel, as she guides you on your journey to become a world-class Reiki practitioner. Learn her exact healing methods and the science behind the craft that she uses with her own private celebrity clients. Now you too can start practicing Reiki yourself, improve your own life and even build an incredible new career. Once you have completed this life-changing course, you will have unrestricted access to the content forevermore, allowing you to re-watch the lessons whenever you want. Best of all, no previous knowledge of Reiki is needed to become a fully qualified and confident Reiki practitioner with Kelsey. 
2x Comprehensive Printed and Bound Training Manuals
You can always feel sure and supported on your Reiki journey with two comprehensive training manuals by your side. Written by Kelsey exclusively for The Reiki Academy, these invaluable resource manuals gives you answers and assurance at your fingertips. Your step-by-step training manuals forms an integral part of your training to not only master Reiki for your own benefit but also guides you in how to use your new skills to launch a highly successful career as a qualified Reiki Master. 
Full Accreditation and Membership to The Renowned Complementary Medical Association (CMA)***
The Reiki Academy is fully accredited by the highly regarded Complementary Medical Association. Upon completing the course, you will receive your prestigious CMA certificate to validate your skills as a Reiki practitioner, an essential element to launching a successful Reiki practice. You will also receive one month’s membership to the CMA already paid for you. Being a member of the CMA allows you to take advantage of exclusive webinars and training to help you establish and build your Reiki practice. You can also benefit from discounted insurance and have your own profile on the CMA website, opening yourself up to a wealth of new clients.
120 CPD Points*
Upon completion of this course, you will receive 120 CPD points as recognition for your studies, new skills, and your commitment to your Continuing Personal Development. These internationally recognized points are a testament to the quality of the training you will have received and the significance of what you will have learned. CPD points give you enhanced professional credibility to kickstart your career as a Reiki Master and further sets you apart from the crowd.
Personal Live Coaching**
Join for a series of regular live group Q&A sessions through Facebook Live. This is a unique opportunity to have your questions answered by Reiki Masters and Spiritual Gurus. You’ll also be able to engage with other students on the same journey as you and gain access to an exciting new community of friends and colleagues. Each exclusive coaching session will be recorded so you have lifetime access which you can enjoy at any time. 
Mastermind Group
When you join the Reiki Academy you will become part of an amazing community of like-minded students with access to an exclusive group of fellow Reiki practitioners and coaches. Work together on your course material, ask questions, form study groups, chat through course content and build lifelong friendships. The Mastermind Group is an amazing way to engage, learn, discover and make friends.
10 Leads of Prospective Reiki Clients*
If you want to take your Reiki practice to the next level and start transforming other people’s lives, then embarking on a career as a Reiki Master is the route for you. But we know the process of getting started can often feel a little daunting. That’s why, upon completion of this course, you will receive the contact details for 10 potential clients who are actively looking for your help. These contact details are provided FREE of charge and are our way to help you to kickstart your new career as a confident and certified Reiki practitioner. These potential clients are generated by our own incredibly knowledgeable marketing team, and with these 10 leads alone, the course could effectively pay for itself. 
The Full Breakdown Of The Reiki Academy Curriculum With Kelsey J Patel...

Reiki I

Module 1:

Find Your Balance

  • Your Intention Setting Ceremony
  • ​Let your Reiki One training be all about you!
  • What is your source of Reiki Exercise?
  • The History of Reiki
  • ​Everything can be gifted with Energy
  • ​Reiki Precepts

Module 2:

The Reiki Lineage 

  • Your Reiki Lineage
  • ​Chakras and Auras
  • ​The 4 Levels of Reiki
  • Medical Benefits of Reiki
  • How to Prepare for Your Attunement
  • Attunement

Module 3:

The Importance of Healing Ourselves Before Others

  • Preparing for Gossho Meditation
  • Gassho Meditation
  • Clearing and Cleansing
  • Forms of Spirit
  • Reiki Protocol
  • Practice Your Reiki Skills 

Module 4:

All About Your First Client Session

  •  Frequently Asked Questions About the Certification 
  • ​How To Do a Session On Another Person 
  • ​Full Body Reiki Treatment On Your Volunteer 
  • Frequently Asked Question About a Client Session
  • The Next 30 Days and Beyond 
  • ​Closing Session

Module 5:

Going from Reiki 1 into Your Reiki 2 Training

  • Interview with Nicolette Ficchi 
  • ​Interview with Grace Emmons 
  • ​Interview with Steph Kang 
  • ​Interview with Heather. Martin 

Reiki II

Module 6:

Finding the Awareness Within Yourself

  • The Beginning of Your Journey into Level 2 Practitioner Certification
  • ​Allow Yourself to Enjoy the Journey of this Reiki 2 Training!
  • ​We are a Reflection, and the World is a Reflection of Us
  • You’re One Step Away from Opening Up Your Entire Vibration
  • ​Connecting to the Reiki Symbols
  • ​The Power Symbol
  • ​The Harmony Symbol
  • ​Release Emotional and Mental Blockages
  • ​The Distance Symbol
  • ​Practice the Distance Symbol

Module 7:

All You Need to Know about Distance Reiki and More

  • Your Reiki 2 Attunement
  • ​Get the Energy Through Your Body
  • How to use Distance Reiki
  • ​No Past, No Present and No Future
  • Your First Distance Reiki Session
  • Practice Sending Reiki Distance 

Module 8:

Further Clearing Techniques  

  • Connecting with the Energy of Distance and Send Healing Energy to Different Parts of Life
  • ​Guiding You Through a Healing Experience
  • Practicing the Self-Healing Techniques
  • ​Energy Blocks and Disease
  • The Development of Intuition
  • Practice Developing Your Intuition
  • ​Your Relationship with Your Intuition

Module 9:

As You Begin Your Experience as a Reiki Practitioner

  • Building and Amplifying the Energetics of Becoming a Practitioner
  • ​Why Ethics are an Important Part of Being a Reiki Practitioner
  • Moving into a Space of Working with Others
  • ​Reiki, Healing and Prayer
  • Intention Precedes Action
  • Revisiting the Chakras for Client Sessions
  • Final Reminders and Client Topic Discussion
  • ​Starting Your Reiki II Practitioner Protocol

Module 10:

Building a Practice

  • Building a Reiki Practice and More
  • ​What is Animal Reiki?
  • All the Details You Need to Know for an Animal Reiki Session
  • ​How to Build an Animal Reiki Practice
  • How I Built My Reiki Practice
  • Take Your Reiki and Combine it with What You are Already Passionate About – Interview with Maleata Ragin
  • Creating the Reiki Business of Your Dreams!
  • ​A Special Guest!
  • ​Creating the Reiki Business of Your Dreams!
“When You Join The Reiki Academy with Kelsey J Patel, You Will Discover the Exact Methods Kelsey Uses That Have Made Her Hollywood’s “Go-To” Reiki Master...Learn How to Use Natural Healing Energy to Transform Your Life All with Absolutely No Previous Experience Required.”
Join Kelsey J Patel as You Discover How to Use Reiki to Enhance, Heal, and Transform Your Life, Heal Emotional and Physical Pain, and Launch a Successful Career as a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner.  

Are you looking for a way to reverse your own lack of energy, anxiety, poor health, or stress? 

Then Reiki is perfect for you.

Reiki has the ability to quickly help you heal both emotionally as well as spiritually like never before. 

And when you know how to channel it properly, Reiki energy can restore balance and heal your mind, body, and soul allowing you to live your life in complete harmony and joy.

When you join Reiki Master to the stars, Kelsey J Patel, for this comprehensive training course, you will discover how to channel its powers to bring health, energy and profound change into your life. 

Kelsey’s personal mission is to help as many people as possible to understand and embrace their own natural gifts and true healing abilities. 

And now she wants to help you too...

Under Kelsey’s personal guidance and tutoring, you too can live your life to your highest potential, free from fear, pain, anxiety, and stress holding you back.

When you join The Reiki Academy you will discover the profound healing power of Reiki in a completely new and exciting way, learning from a true Master who personally used the powers of Reiki to heal herself from crippling anxiety, excruciating back pain, and long-term chronic sickness. 

What you’ll learn is based on Kelsey’s own personal experience and the priceless insights gained by working from the ground up in her own practice. 

And she now wants to share her secrets and methods with you in this exclusive, world-first course. 

Kelsey will guide you in every step from your own Reiki attunement, opening your main energy points to prepare you to receive the natural healing power of universal energy, to gain unlimited access to the spiritual world and a sure-fire way to live in optimum health and flow with Reiki energy healing. 

Kelsey will also use her expert knowledge to show you how to access your personal healing gifts in this life-changing spiritual journey.

You’ll learn what few other Reiki students know, thanks to Kelsey’s unique methods

By enrolling in this course, you’ll be placing yourself at a distinct advantage versus other Reiki practitioners, and on the fast track to becoming a powerful and sought-after Reiki Master.

You don’t need any prior experience with Reiki to join the Academy and become an incredibly powerful and sought-after Reiki practitioner. 

All that is required is an open heart and a desire to learn and transform your life for the better.

In The Reiki Academy, Kelsey is sharing everything you need to self-heal, both emotionally and physically in a truly enlightening way to start transforming your life! 

Reiki works at a cellular level to help boost your immune system, relieve physical pain, release emotional pain, low mood, and even self-doubt.  

If the power of Reiki helps you the way we know it will, Kelsey will also teach you how you can take your new skills and knowledge to the next level

By becoming a Reiki Master yourself, and helping others transform their lives and heal all while building a lucrative practice to fit around your life.  
Want to Know More? Here’s a Sneak Peek of What You’ll Find Inside The Reiki Academy:
  • Lifetime membership to the course so you can refer back to it whenever you need it throughout your career. Revisit training sessions and lessons if you ever need a refresher - there is no time limit on this course so learn at the pace that works best for you.
  • ​Professionally built online Reiki Academy designed by leading Reiki Master Kelsey J Patel. The custom platform is tailored to deliver the course material in easy-to-digest chunks and is suited to all levels of learning (even if it’s been a while since you last studied anything at all.)
  • Live, personal coaching from Kelsey in an exclusive group where you can ask all your burning questions and receive personal advice from the Master herself.**
  • 2x Comprehensive training manuals written specifically for this course which will become your go-to resource on your journey as a qualified Reiki practitioner. 
  • Certification from the CMA so you will be completely certified and confident to start your new career as an accredited Reiki Master.*
  • ​120 CPD points to recognize your studies and the work you have completed during this course.*
  • ​Mastermind group with your fellow Reiki students and coaches, providing an excellent opportunity for learning, growth, support, and friendship.
  • Contact details for 10 prospective clients interested in booking Reiki sessions so you can get a great head start on your exciting and life-changing new career as a confident and fully certified Reiki practitioner.*
"When You Join The Reiki Academy You’ll Become a Member of the Complementary Medical Association, Giving You Prestigious Status and a Definitive Edge Among Others in the Reiki Profession."
  • ​Whilst you are a student inside the Academy, you'll get 1 Month Free of Student Membership with Access to Webinars and Training from the CMA.***
  • ​Upon completion of the Academy, you'll be able to gain access to Practitioner Membership.*** 
  • ​Nothing says more about YOUR commitment to excellence and professionalism than CMA Membership. 
  • Be Featured as a Top Practitioner on This Site - every day, they feature Six CMA Practitioner "MCMA" Members directly on their home page - you will be featured here in rotation with a quick introduction and this links directly to your very own page on The CMA site. 
  • ​You will have your very own page on the CMA website that features your biography, your picture, the disciplines you practice, all your contact details and plenty of room for you to introduce yourself properly, to talk about how and why you practice in the way that you do - and to include real patient/client testimonials so that people can really get to know you on a personal level - this is the most effective way of developing a practice
  • ​As a CMA Full Member, you'll get referrals from people searching for a Fully Qualified Practitioner on this site - they get a huge amount of traffic - and you will benefit directly from this as it offers you the perfect platform to promote your work. 
  • ​You'll have access to the full CMA website - there are certain parts of the website that are inaccessible to Non-Members - and these include their special Practice Development pages and more. 
  • ​You'll also have the option to have your articles published on The CMA website (subject to acceptance)
  • ​ We particularly encourage research articles and case studies. 
  • ​Receive The CMA Latest World News on Scientific Breakthroughs in Complementary Medicine, FREE by email every week.
  • ​Receive your CMA Certificate of MembershipReady to frame and display on the wall of your Practice. 
  • ​Access to Top Class, Low Cost, Professional Indemnity Insurance (at a specially negotiated rate only available to CMA Members).
"Discover Why Reiki Healing is Regarded as One of the Fastest and Most Powerful Ways to Restore Balance and Harmony in Your Life. Learn From Renowned Master Kelsey J Patel How to Heal Yourself and Transform Your Own Life and the Lives of Many Others."
Reiki is the perfect way to create natural harmony and wellbeing in your life. 

Upon enrolling in the Academy, you too can channel the universal life force energy within you to make positive, real-life changes, and fast. 

Kelsey will guide you effortlessly to enjoying the feeling of relaxation and restoration by balancing and resetting your mind and body so you can overcome stress, physical pain, and anxiety.

Something we all need more of in our fast-paced and sometimes chaotic and uncertain world. A more and more people turn to complementary therapies and treatments to restore health and wellbeing, Reiki practitioners are finding themselves inundated with clients.

And this could be you.

Upon completion of the course, you will know all too well just how much Reiki can change your life for good. 

Once you have experienced this life-changing experience for yourself it’s very likely that you will then want to share your healing gift with others. 

This is why Kelsey will teach you how to use your new skills with others, so you can build your very own successful Reiki practice. 

Until now, it has been said that only the most spiritually enlightened are able to harness this undeniable force for healing, and when you join Kelsey’s academy, you will be able to use these same transformative techniques for yourself. 

You too can learn how to harness the scientifically proven power of Reiki, to not only help yourself but your private clients too. 
“Kelsey Will Teach You the Marketing & Business Skills You Need to Know to Build and Launch Your Own Lucrative and Successful Reiki Practice.”

Whether you are a complete beginner to Reiki, just interested in the field, or are more advanced in your understanding, The Reiki Academy is perfect for you.

Kelsey is often referred to as Hollywood’s go-to Reiki Master, whose clients include A-list celebrities. But how did she reach this incredible status? By using the powers of the universal life force to rebalance, reset, and heal. 

Those same powers that are already within you, waiting to be discovered and unleashed when you know how. 

Kelsey is ready to show you how.

Reiki has grown in popularity across the world for one reason.


Just imagine what your life could look like if you had the ability to restore your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. 

You could enjoy feeling healthier, happier, calmer, more confident, have a better work/life balance, and be more in touch with those around you. 

You can achieve a better life, and Reiki has the ability to unlock the changes you are looking for much faster than you might think. 

The first step to a new and better future is at your fingertips right now and like never before

After completing The Reiki Academy, you will be able to:
  • Awaken the powerful healing energy lying dormant within you
  • ​Effortlessly harness universal energy for emotional, physical, or spiritual recharges
  • ​Recognize when you or someone else is ungrounded and requires your healing energy 
  • ​Regain a sense of balance and control in your life
  • ​Reclaim your personal power and trust in your own intuition
  • ​Send healing Reiki energy around the world to family, friends, and clients
  • ​Channel your natural energy to bring relief and healing to every aspect of your mental, physical, and spiritual being
  • ​Release any blockages preventing calm energy and joy from entering your life
  • ​Feel peace and contentment in your decisions
  • ​Embrace higher energy that you can tap into whenever you need it 
  • ​Feel well, happy, healthy, confident, and calm
  • ​Free yourself and others from anxiety and stress
  • ​Feel satisfied and content with life and your career
  • ​Embark on an exciting and rewarding new career as a Reiki practitioner
  • ​Enjoy having a diary filled with fulfilling client appointments
  • ​Secure your financial future with a career that helps you and others
It doesn’t get any better than that!

This course is truly like no other.

In this ground-breaking, self-paced course, you will gain a deep and thorough understanding of how to use Reiki to benefit your life, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and also how to use your new skills to help others. 

Through live training, group sessions, and comprehensive video lessons, Kelsey will share everything you need to truly master Reiki energy, become a fully certified Reiki practitioner, and start your own profitable Reiki practice. Are you ready to feel empowered, confident, and completely in touch with every part of your being?

All of this is possible, and just a few clicks away, when you join The Reiki Academy
"In Just a Matter of Weeks, You Will Have Everything You Need to Use Reiki to Heal Yourself and Others, Transforming Lives and Creating a Rewarding and Exciting New Career That We Think You Will Really Love." 
Their lives are blissful, joyful, balanced, full of peace, and free from stress and anxiety. 

Do you look at them in wonder and think, what’s their secret? How can my life look like that too? 

It’s little wonder that Kelsey has gained worldwide recognition for her work with the elite. 

Her powerful and caring approach to Reiki and her students has made her one of the leading Reiki Masters in the world. 
Now her life-changing secrets are ready to be shared with you for the very first time!

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to deliver amazing Reiki sessions, both for yourself and for any future clients. If you want to take your Reiki journey further, take advantage of the lessons Kelsey teaches about launching your own successful and lucrative Reiki practice. 

So, not only will you be able to perform Reiki like Kelsey, but you will learn how to run and market your business like her too.

You can build your practice around YOUR lifestyle, so it can fit in with family time, hobbies, and whatever else matters to you. 

Soon you can look forward to living a life filled with:
  • Better health
  • ​More relaxation
  • ​Improved spiritual balance
  • ​Emotional happiness
  • ​Contentment
  • ​Enlightenment
  • ​A higher purpose
Kelsey has already guided some of the biggest names in the world of entertainment, sport, and business through their own spiritual journey of self-healing, harmony and self-actualization. And that magic touch and higher calling Kelsey taps into can be yours. 

By joining The Reiki Academy, you’ll gain access to her exact methods and priceless insights, gathered after years of experience. 

No matter what level of experience or understanding you have of Reiki, this course is perfect for you and is specifically designed to build your skills, open your mind, and free your spirit for new possibilities. 

Join Kelsey and Start Learning the Power of Reiki Healing Today and Embark on a Brand-New Career.


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